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    Pete, do you have the function processes manual. I have one and could easily scan and upload for you.
    I also have two gigantic manuals but one is a studies manual from a school course, haven't gone through that one much yet but not sure how useful it would be.
    I also have a complete Toolpath manual and I believe a copy of said as well.
    I don't use Toolpath for much so happy to part with one.
    Let me know what you think.
    I'll check and see what is on the disc I have as well. There is a bunch of support material on there as well.

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    I remain convinced that Toolpath is a very useful program for sending files to the controller and wouldn't advise exploring it's capabilities beyond that if you have access to a more recent CAM program.In a way,DNC is similar in that it sends the Gcode from the computer to the controller and doesn't involve the archaic process of toolpath creation that is packaged within Toolpath.It does have a certain nostalgia value in that respect.A full list of the various F functions is a handy thing to have and may impress you with the amount of control available with the machine.

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    One thing that Toolpath was invaluable for was in figuring out what was wrong with my post coming out of Fusion 360.

    A simple test rectangle was adding circles at each corner of the part as a means to transition to the next cut instead of just "turning the corner" as one would expect.
    Turns out the AXYZ post(version 44083) has a "Built In" maximum circle radius of 1000 which when reduced to 0.001 eliminated the circles at the corners. This can be found under Post Properties, Built Ins.
    Nothing would show this anomaly until I opened the code in Toolpath. Then it was as obvious as the day is long.
    Now I only use Toolpath to do a quick check of the toolpath to make sure it is clean and to be honest once I figured it out I haven't been back to Toolpath at all.
    I'm using DNC exclusively for transfering files to the PC and once they are there I can essentially turn the PC off. I've found the transfer times to be pretty quick but I've yet to do anything really complex.
    Did a bunch of test cuts and some path tracing of letters, some chamfering both of features and lines and everything is dead accurate, Very happy at this point.

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    Machine is fully functional now and I ve made a vacuum hold down table for it that works like a charm.
    I have a bunch of pictures but can't seem to get them to upload here.
    The AXYZ ZIP file I have has everything you need to get one of these things going including OS, Toolpath, DNC, manuals etc.
    I'm happy to forward this disc image to anyone who may need it.
    Just have to finish my drawers and the panel work and it will be done.

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    Its good to know there is a satisfied user out there.I have a feeling there will be occasional requests for your stash of relevant data for years to come.I'm a little surprised that the circular transition from one part of the cut to the next came as a shock to you as this has been the common way to do it for some time,it means the machine continues cutting on the optimised trajectory instead of halting at the end of a straight move and then beginning a new move.In other words it removes a deceleration and subsequent acceleration phase from two moves as well as permitting a slightly shorter distance to be covered.It might not matter for a handful of one off items but if you had a couple of thousand items to cut,we might be looking at a saving of a few days.

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    In fact, most people seem to have the opposite problem! "My machine seems to judder its way round a cut and the whole machine keeps shaking." The answer is to allow this kind of corner-rounding although how you do so depends on your control software. There is usually a "tolerance" setting as well which affects just how much error you will allow - absolute accuracy means full stop-start but is seldom needed. How much tolerance you allow is very machine- and case-dependent, though!

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