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    Hi Guys
    First time back for a while, but in the process of buying this axyz cnc ,does any people have any comments good or bad about these machines and are they a capable machine.
    It has a 1.0 mtr 1.0 mtr bed and looks like a solid machine but would love to hear any good or bad points.

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    I don't have knowledge of that particular machine,but my AXYZ experience would suggest that you need to be sure that all relevant software is part of the package.You need to determine how the program is sent to the machine and what operating system it was intended to run with.I would hope a manual is part of the package and it ought to include any calibration data.Do you have the means to generate a toolpath for the machine?

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    Don't have a manual with it yet , think I will need to source one bud, I have got it wired up and it goes through the process of finding its limits on the bed but am not sure how to raise and lower the spindle.
    The computer has all the ayxz software on it but no vectric software yet ( cut3d ) .
    Am just thinking can I, and what it would involve getting it to run with mach3 as I have used that in the past, anyone know if this can be done , also am not sure on the collet size. Any help on this machine would be great

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    This thread may be of some help https://www.cnczone.com/forums/comme...are-forum.html .You shouldn't need Mach 3 if the machine is able to move and I believe you are describing a homing routine.The computer that you seem to have got with the machine will have some kind of software to send the code to the controller,any idea what it is?
    Unless you already have it,there isn't a need for Aspire unless you have plans to cut 3D most of the time.Vcarve will work with 3D .stl files and it costs less to upgrade Vcarve to Aspire than you might think.

    Be very cautious about using the machine until you have a good idea about such things as the reference height used for the last job.It may be unneccessary to make the point,but it might be sensible to run with no collet and no tool until you are confident that no harm will result.

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    Thanks for the reply bud, really appreciate your help.
    Am going to post some photos of what is on the computer as it is and a video

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    I forgot how to post a video

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is my home screen

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    If the operating system is XP,you may get away with what you have there.Toolpath can be used to create toolpaths from imported .dxf files and you need a particular mindset to use it.It is said to be robust and reliable in that context but I have only used it to transfer files to the controller.Between Toolpath and the machine's control electronics,you don't have to get hold of anything else,as long as the machine is like the only example I have experience of (a 6010).

    If the machine didn't come with a cable to connect the computer to the controller-maybe an RS485 is involved,that is a vital piece of equipment,as is the Toolpath manual.If you are really good at using Google,there may be an old copy online somewhere for reference.It will tell you which of the functions that are accessed from the controller relate to the work you are trying to do.

    For collets,you need to know which family the spindle uses and then you can fairly easily buy those which may be useful.If you compare one of yours with perhaps an ER 20 it may be a guide.It may be as large as an ER32 but you need to measure what you have or refer to the manual you don't have.....

    I say again,don't run a program until you are sure it won't go through the spoilboard.

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    Hi bud
    Thank you for your help , but do I still need to install a software program that will enable me to write a program ie the name of a sign or something that I then send to toolpath don't I

    I have the cable that goes from the computer to the cnc , I finally managed to download a manual,

    I think it's a 32 collet as it is about 32mm so I need to invest in a set .

    In order to start writing a program for a design any ideas on a good program vcarve Pro is not supported on this computer so any simple software would do.

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    Lets begin with the collet;this page should give you the information https://littlemachineshop.com/info/er_collet_sizes.php

    To create a program you need some geometry and in the distant past we could do this by typing Gcode in a text file.It still works if you have the patience,but it is very slow and not hard to make a mistake.You could use the Toolpath software you have to create the code for an imported .dxf file-good luck if you do try that.Alternatively you can use one of the Vectric programs to either import the same .dxf and then produce the Gcode or you can use the geometry creation aspect to create your own.The select the tools for the operation you are carrying out,select the relevant geometry and tell the software to calculate the part in question.There may be several operations such as pockets or internal cutouts as well as an external shape.All of these can be turned into Gcode by using the post processor for your AXYZ machine.You will need to save this as a .nc file and use the Toolpath software to send it to the controller.

    Do not try to run any program until you understand the following functions F4 F8 F9 and F12.Even then,run the first attempt with no tool just to stay safe.

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