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    I have a Chinese machine (igolden 3m x 2m), bought 2nd hand which has been running great for the 2 years or so I've had it. It doesn't do a lot of work, maybe only 8 -10 hours a week. However, it recently tripped my electrics half way through a cut and I've been unable to turn it on since without it tripping each time. I've tested my workshop electrics and swapped the isolater with no luck. Has anyone got any experience with these machines and can give any advice as to what to test for/any common problems they might have?


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    Easiest option is to start disconnecting things.
    Are there any internal fuses that you could start by disconnecting?

    Also, it would be good if you could post some photos of the control cabinet so we could give better advise.
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    Thanks m_c

    Managed to sort it last night.
    I disconnected it and gave the control cabinet a god clean (was quite dusty), reconnected everything and now its back running fine again.

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