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    Hi Guys
    Just a quick introduction. My name is Chris and I recently built myself a Queenbee system from Bulkman with a CNC xPRO V5 controller originally installed with my existing small router and a voltage regulator to control speed.
    I have recently upgraded to a 1.5KW air cooled spindle using a Haunyang VFD just having a few issues getting them to communicate via the RS485 port I keep getting the following message in the UGS software I'm using.
    MSG:Initializing RS485 VFD spindle]
    [MSG:Undefined VFD_RS485_TXD_PIN]
    [MSG:Undefined VFD_RS485_RXD_PIN]
    [MSG:Undefined VFD_RS485_RTS_PIN]
    An unexpected error was detected: [MSG:RS485 VFD spindle errors]
    I'm not sure if this is the VFD not transmitting the settings or that I need to input them manually in to the UGS software. Any advise will be appreciated.

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