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    Hi, has anyone any experience with this spindle motor pulley on my Bridgeport Interact 1 series 2. I am changing the motor but wanted to reuse the pulley. I can get a 3 leg puller onto it but even with heat and a ton of force it only moved 1/8 of an inch and is now locked solid. It has two grub screws on the top (pic) which I have unscrews but wondered are you supposed to remove this type with an hydraulic feed contected to these two grub screw holes?
    Any help appreciated.
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    Are 100% sure there are no grubscrews on the side?
    And if there is, that they've not been doubled up?
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    I'll check if they are doubled up in the morning m_c, I wonder what the grub screws are there for? Def none on the side.Click image for larger version. 

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