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    Hi guys

    This is going to sound real stupid and im sorry

    last year I had a TIA a sort of mini stroke, and I cant for life of me remember how to get from DXF to G-code, after some failed atempts I have booted up plasma and cnc PC and got it to move, I found a old g-code in pc and sort of dry ran in in Mach3, I remember how to use Acad 2002 been using it for 20+years, CNC always struggeled to get head round software, can someone point me in right direction please

    Thanks Guys


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    Depending on what program you use to generate your g code, personally I use cambam, so I simply load the dxf file in to cambam, select the profile I want to cut, then after putting in the settings I want, I just click on "generate toolpaths" then "produce G code"

    This is for my milling machine, I don't have a plasma.

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    Having lost my father to a TIA,I have both sympathy and admiration for anybody that recovers and tries to resume a rewarding activity.I don't know if the program dxf2cnc might help,but it is a free download and might be worth a try.I don't know anything about plasma setups but I suppose it can't be so different to any other process that involves joining CAD entities together and telling the system which side of the line to cut.Best of luck!

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    Hi Steve nice to see you posting again, sorry to hear about the TIA and please - no need to apologise for anything.

    Guys, from what I can find on Steve's other forum posts, he's using the below software:

    Acad 2002 drawings
    Sheetcam Post
    home made cnc running mach3
    NVUM v2 bob

    Can you confirm if this is still the software your using Steve, if so, presumably we need to help you convert/Export a DXF you have loaded/opened in Acad to a gCode file.

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