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    I would like to get into hobby CNC to compliment 3D printing but the variety of options is daunting. Got the basics of CAD and reckon YouTube will help with CAM but cant fathom the machines.

    Think Ive narrowed it down to FoxAlien Masuter Pro vs PROVerXL 4030 V2 however, while the original PROVerXL 4030 was on par with FoxAlien in both specs, quality and price (650) the version 2 is like 1400 which Id pay if I was confident in its value as I see it as an investment in long term fun.

    While I can grasp most of the upgrades, Im not sure it justifies the 50% hike so would greatly appreciate some opinions or alternative suggestions.

    Would like to balance the quality vs price but also conscious that a good deal can be short lived.

    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome aboard.

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    There was a genmitsu 4040 for sale on here a day or two back for 390...

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