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    Hi All
    I have my limit switches working but when i hit home on any axis nothing moves what have I missed


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    If you're using the same switches for limit and homing, you need to disable the limit function while homing.

    How you do that will depend on what controller/software you're using.
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    What controller are you using? Mach3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnHaine View Post
    What controller are you using? Mach3?
    Hi I am using a Mach3 USB Interface Board and Mach 3 Sheen set 2010 to run it. I dont seem to have any power to any axis when press home. what have I missed?

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    I assume that you can jog so movement is working? The first thing is to check there is homing code behind each button. Which button are you clicking? On my "reference" copy of M3 (on laptop not connected to machine) this is the code behind "REF ALL HOME" on the run screen:

    DoButton( 24 )
    DoButton( 23 )
    DoButton( 22 )
    DoButton( 25 )


    I think those buttons are not linked to any code that causes the machine to move they just zero DROs. To see the code select "edit button script" from the operator menu - buttons with linked scripts will flash - click the one you want to look at.

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    Hi is a screen shot of top tool bar. I dont get anything if I click on "edit button script"

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    Sorry yes all axis are working

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