Evening all, Hope all is well??

I have aquired an Exelcnc 1224hd atc running WinCNC. As a veteran of Mach 3 and a non ATC machine I have hit a hurdle that in my mind is very simple to sort just i cannot transpose it with wincnc,

I am confused onto how i set up the tool changer, I have a milling machine with an ATC that i can zero each tool in to the work peice and i dont have to worry.
where as the win cnc i zero'd each tool but it doesnt seem to save the heights.

I have added an 18mm spoilboard so I need to zero that as my zero but how do i then get it to measure the tools?? I have a tool pad for the tools to touch off but i dont have a clue, all instructions that have come with the machine do not mention anything about setting up my tools.

Any help will be greatly received thank you

regards Tom