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    hi , i have just mounted a new atc spindle to my router which is running fine , my issue is the setup of the manual tool change button ,i have two solenoids in line ,is it possible with the use of a relay to disable one when the spindle is running and the other working from the button ,and if so how do i set it up? i am running uccnc withe the uc300eth-5lpt and ucbb

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    the spibdle is a 6kw hqd
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    Hi did you get anywhere with this?

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    hi lee , today i got the solenoids sorted i used the trigger output function of uccnc to control the solenoids the way i want them , i have 2 in line one is controlled by the button on the spindle the other is connected to an output through a relay and is disabled when the spindle starts using the trigger output function " i have been informed that i could have connected the solenoid to the output without the use of a relay as the breakout board outputs 24v, " the third solenoid i have setup to be active while the spindle is running , for the air seal , hopefully i have got it correct time will tell. i now have to tidy up the wiring in the cabinet and tram the spindle and get back up and running.

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