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    2 of these have been found in a cupboard here at the school, with a new belt I think they can work again. (I've been here since 2005 and never seen them!)

    Unfortunately they have now text or descriptors as to who or what model they are. This is making finding software, documentation tricky.

    They have a serial port on the control board, so I'm hoping they can be hooked up. (I still have PCs with serial)


    Click image for larger version. 

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    extra challenge all pictures upside down.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    OK flipped them around for you. Could be well off track here but a small enclosed machine for education makes me think Denford / Denford Microrouter. Maybe rebranded model by TEP, although that sounds like an initiative rather than a brand.


    Does the phone number (0181 447 0342) get answered ??!

    If you open up the covers and show pics of where the electronics and steppers (?) are there might be a way to retro-fit a more recent controller with software etc. to get you up and running with it. Depends what it is worth to you getting it going.
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    ok, I'll try and get more pictures. they're mounted on a block of metal making them rather heavy to move and are parked on a trolley. Yes I thing TEP was an initiative that lasted 3 years according to some teachers. So probably a re-brand as you state. maybe the guts would reveal more.

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    That does not look like a commercial product but something made as a prototype in a lab.

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    it does have a serial number in the thousands 00003882 or something. (hand written)

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    That could equally be an asset number, for example. If nearly 4000 units were made they would be better known.

    Can you take photo 1 again with the guard open?

    My guess is that they were made in-house to support some teaching module at the university and have been passed on to your school.
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