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    Hi Iím Ron, Iíve recently bought an oozenest workbee, used. I have it set up in a cabin at the bottom of my garden. The machine I bought is operated via WiFi but Iím having issues with signal dipping in and out. This is most likely because I only have sky copper cable broadband. I understand that I can buy an Ethernet circuit board and operate it that way. I would still have the WiFi problem which will restrict me downloading files etc. The only other option I believe I have is to install virgin media fibre broadband which apparently has much better results but the feedback about Virgin is very poor so any suggestions, or help would be most welcome. Thank you all in advance

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    Let me guess, you have your WiFi router in the house connected to the incoming copper line. As well as the cnc machine you are using a computer, tablet or whatever to drive the machine in your shed, connected by WiFi, right? The sky broadband connection has nothing to do with it as you will only have a local connection. The problem is that both the machine and your PC have a long WiFi range to the router. Does the ooznest support USB connection? If so I suggest you use that in the shed.

    Update: looks like it doesn't have USB but does have Ethernet, either built-in or an additional option. If so it can connect directly to a PC in the shed with Ethernet interface, or via a router or hub. Or you could run an Ethernet cable from the router in your house down to the shed. You could also try a WiFi range extender strategically positioned to get better coverage in the shed. I assume that you don't want to run the machine when you're not at home, so the broadband connection to your home is irrelevant.
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  4. I would buy a power line adapter and bring WiFi to your shed. Has worked for me and more reliable than range extenders. Plenty of them in Argos

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