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This is complete with safety hood, stepper and spindle drive controls, PC, display, keyboard and mouse ... but the PC is reporting a fan fault and so will not boot.

This has been in dry storage for a while and, when I ran it to check everything was still OK, the PC started to boot but then reported a fan error and stopped. The PC is old and only contains a copy of Mach 3, so it's probably best to dump it and use another rather than bothering to fix it.
I think the mill weighs around 100kg, but I managed to lift and move it by myself using an improvised engine crane and a sack truck - 2 or 3 strong "blokes" would be better and safer. The purchaser will need to lift it off a workbench and move it a short distance to their car/van. It should fit in the back of most estate cars.

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