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    Hey Folks,

    I'd like to rip out the interior of a boat and refit it utilising the CNC for all the woodwork.

    Ideally I'd like to CAD it out first, but I'm a little bit stuck with how to start digitising the interior space - nothing is flat, everything is compound curves, with no clear reference points.

    Now, first I thought about LIDAR, but the accuracy in the affordable modules just isn't sufficient (10mm ish at best, I'd like to be around half that)

    Photogrammetry... Going to need some fancy software and unsure of the accuracy...

    Then I thought about a draw string potentiometer - mount one on a turntable with a angular potentiometer and an Arduino with a "capture position" button could work with a laser level to manually touch positions and follow profiles at heights around the vessel. Or, even up to three draw string pots and triangulate the points - positional accuracy can be 0.1mm for around 50 a pot.

    Other option is cardboard templates - cut roughly then glue/sellotape tabs to get the positions, then bring them home with a ruler and go to town?

    Feel like I've got to be missing a sensible option.... Ideas please!

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    I understand that kitchen fitters use a laser scanner device to digitise the rooms where for example new worktops and units are to be fitted, and these are very accurate. At a smaller scale, dentists now use handheld laser scanners to take "digital impressions" to make crowns and these are extremely accurate. I doubt the dentist devices would help you but maybe a kitchen fitter with the right equipment could do a scan for you?

    Try https://www.craftsmanltd.co.uk/3D-scanning.php

    I found that by googling "kitchen laser scanner"

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    Hire somebody with a laser scanner.they will be done in half a day or so and can then provide you with a file,or series of files that will be accurate to a level you might not believe,until you see it.I am assuming you have the boat levelled and it will help if you have some kind of vertical reference datum.If necessary a water level through a skin fitting will permit some kind of reference being established.

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