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    It has been a couple of years since I built my lathe and mill, and have picked up another lathe recently to convert. A lot seems to have changed in that time with what is available when it comes to breakout boards. I can't find anything available in the UK except the cheap generic Chinese cards. Have things moved on and changed in the time since I built mine?

    I'm looking to run a 9Nm and 4.6Nm stepper with drivers. What is the best option available now? Have cheap Chinese cards become that good and reliable? I'm happy to spend 300-500, the issue is I can't get hold of anything that seems to be recommended either because it's out of stock or it's a pain to import it.

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    Dean may have some controllers. http://www.jazzcnc.co.uk/
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    I recently replaced the BoB on my lathe with one of these driven by a uc100. Works fine.

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