I'm not fully committed to this, just looking into it for now, but does anyone know of a low cost plasma cutting machine suitable to use with a CNC machine. I think HF start is too risky - although I did think about running the control system, steppers, monitor, NUC PC all off DC power (e.g. 36V LiPo battery) and enclosed in a metal cabinet, installing the steppers on plastic/3D printed mounts and couplers to ensure no electrical connection to the machine. But it would be a gamble I think.

I'm looking for the low frequency blow back style, not the high frequency pilot arc, otherwise I think the CNC control system will have issues even with my best attempts at shielding and grounding.

I think the hypertherm and other high end models will probably blow the budget. I've seen models like the HeroCut CUT55X blow back machine with CNC connections (for arc voltage, and torch control) at 288.25 + 128.63 delivery [in September!] on AliExpress. Not sure about that one.

I've also seen the Hynade CNC CUT60DN blow back machine but it was only available on the US Amazon Website ($499.99), not the UK one. If it had been on the UK Amazon site I guess it would have been around 500 (they tend not to price them as per the exchange rate!) and this would have been tempting.

Has anyone seen anything in this sort of price range with blow back LF start and THC/torch start output connectors?