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    Hi all,

    I wonder if someone can help me, we have an old System 48 CNC machine and one of the cogs has snapped, can anyone assist in replacing this part please?

    Our Dropbox link to photos of the part can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/gx2j4...0hlepscvb&dl=0

    Many thanks,

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    Hi James
    Welcome to the forum.
    To enable anyone to manufacture a replacement, you will need to supply a detailed drawing

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    ...or at least a dimensioned sketch. Important question is the number of teeth and either the module (metric) or DP (imperial). Also how many teeth in he matching pinion. Gear looks like nylon, what does it drive, how much power does it transmit, what's the function?

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    James, I would be tempted to re-make out of metal as in the images it shows why it broke in 3 places near a fault in the corner of the cutouts.


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    Even better you could include the flange into your replacement making it much stronger, could then be made in Delrin as one piece, what is the gear secured to?
    Cant help if you won't supply the required information.

  6. Given the original has lasted quite a few years (Probably 20+) I wouldn't say that the design needs strengthened. If you strengthen the design, then all you're likely to do is move the weakest link to something more expensive.

    As for the gear, I'd probably figure out what size the gear is, buy a pre machined delrin gear, then machine out the required centre bore/features.
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    Just found this
    trapezoidal screw rather than a ballscrew. X & Y axis are belt driven.
    try belt drive as an option.

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