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    My 4kw spindle is getting far too hot. The htz are correct at 300htz but I cannot be sure the amps are set correctly on the vfd for that spindle. I'm looking through the manual but i'm not seeing which perameter is for motor amp setup. Anyone familiar with A2 vfd programming?

    Many thanks
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    The "amps" setting is simply the limit on the maximum current and is intended to protect the motor from overcurrent during overload. More important is to get the speed and voltage correct. Usually you specify the base speed in Hz and the corresponding voltage at that speed (eg 50Hz and 240V for a std online motor in the UK). The VFD will then ensure that the applied voltage is appropriate for the spindle speed. I don't know the A2 but the setup will likely be fairly conventional.

    When you say "far too hot", they are designed to run with an internal hotspot of somewhere between 130C (Class B) and 180C (Class H). Our pain threshold is around 50C, so what may seem "too hot" may be perfectly fine. Have you measured it with a thermometer?

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