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    Hi all
    A couple of months ago I purchased a Trend T4 850 Watt Router, unfortunately i seem to have wrecked the lower bearing - Has anyone anyone got any experience of replacing the bearings on these? - I have removed the bearing lock plate and the collar and I can see the bearings, but I just cannot free it from the spindle.
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    Hi Pete
    I havent got one but just looked at the trend side and found this if it helps. Looks like there is a separate roller and thrust bearing. so maybe the top needs to come off as well and withdraw the main shaft upwards.
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    I think you will need to take the top off as well, i had to to this for mine. Mine isnt a Trend but its very much the same.


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    Thanks for the help guys, finally managed to get the bearing out and new one installed. All it needed in the end was a good sharp tap with a mallet

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