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    Can anyone suggest a programmable usb keypad for use with Mach3?

    Ideally so it can be figured to jog the machine 0.01, 0.10, 1.00mm, reset axis and go to home position etc, run, reset etc?

    I like the units with the removable keypads so you can customise the keys and make control of the machine a little more intuitive.

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    X - keys from the States, various patterns to choose from.


    Or just for jogging there is a cheaper alternative in the shuttle pro which has a plug in for Mach already.


    Some people are using game pads but can't coment on those.

    John S -

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    Is the X-Keys unit available from a UK retailer? International shipping from X-Rates site is quoted as $78.23.

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    alan2525 look on x-Keys site it lists several UK suppliers! Go to the purchase page down the bottom
    http://www.keytools.co.uk/home.php?cat=298 is one that is listed.


    Mind you for the price you could buy a desktop PC.

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    No idea, I bought a couple of the PS2 models some years ago for some DOS controllers and I had a
    friend ship them over but they were only about $40 at the time.
    They did uses to sell just the programmable chip at one point.
    John S -

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    Have you thought of a touchscreen?

    I bought an ELO surface wave monitor from the bay, coolant, dust etc. doesn't bother it (glass screen) and you can use it with a gloved hand, just a thought.

    John is right some of us are using gamepads, specifically Xbox 360 wireless types. I use one for jogging and positioning for homing and it has been faultless, I can't recall the last time I needed to use my MPG. Some have commented they are dubious as to the wireless part but I have had no trouble at all with it but then again I was very careful to make sure everything was shielded and as noise free as possible.

    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

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    Belikn do a small gaming pad I think it is a nostromo or somthing like that or the Saitek similar thing they both have keys and a thumb pad for jogging

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