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    Hi everyone,
    I have just entered the baffling world of CNC. I sourced what looked to be a reasonably priced and solid cnc router/mill from Bratislava/Slovakia. The machine is a Kompass H-1000 which cost 1300 comlete with frame, motors, spidle, controller and a licenced copy of Mach 3. I took a gamble with my minimal knowledge, paid via paypal and 3 days later on a Friday was emailed in broken English that it had been despatched and would arrive on the Sunday...... Not believing the delivery day I went out and arrived home at 4pm, shortly after I received a call from a foreign male saying he would drop the machine off in 10 minutes time !! The machine arrived, well packaged and I think the driver had driven from Slovakia !!
    Anyway on first impression, it looks to be a very solid well bulit machine, I just have to work out where all the wires go, so if anyone has set up one of these please let me know.
    I will try and let you kow how I get on. I am also a newcomer to forums by the way........

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    Had a look on the web and couldnt decide what the screws were, are they ball screws!
    If they are looks reasonable value.
    That seller on ebay hasnt sold many yet!

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    I don't know if you went to his main website at -
    http://www.3dcnc.extra.hu/en/kompas-h-1000-komplet -

    They are not ball screws, I think........?

    New MDL user adjustable zero-backlash nuts

    Modular design from stock components offering a very strong / solid professional machine.... Now with the addition of our user adjustable zero backlash trapezoidal nuts.


  4. No, the site very clearly states they are 12 x 3 trapezoidal screws with 'user adjustable zero-backlash' delrin nuts... would be interested in a picture of the nuts...

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    Has anybody had recent experience of the Company selling these Kompass machines, what are they like to deal with communication and support etc.


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    I came across this guy on youtube when researching limit switches a bit the other day.


    I think this is from that same company. I haven`t watched it all just a bit on limit switches.


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    Thanks for your responce. I have seen the build project related to the link you provided and subsequent videos of the round rail versions of the machines working etc.
    I am interested in the linear rail F-600 machine and I am seeking to make comparisons to the Omio X6-2200. There seems to be little/no feed back relating to the (CauCau) company or this specific machine.

    From the forums there is clearly the issue with the Chinese machines needing a deal of upgrading and modifications to get things running effectively. This together with reports of poor service and communication post delivery has to be of concern, unless of course like others on the forum you have a relatively good set of machine building and electronic skills. These I do not have in sufficient depth. So I was hoping to hear from existing CaCau clients with their experience of the company/equipment/Service etc.

    Any input and view would great thanks.

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    Hi West60

    I think the general consensus on this site is that building your own machine is usually better value than buying one, one reason being you can spec the machine as you need and control all the parts you put in.I was going to build one but in the end bought one someone else had built for a good price, I have had to do a lot of fiddling but mainly with the electronics not the mechanical bits.

    Just comparing those two machines it appears that the Kompas F 600 has a maximum feed rate of 2800 mm/min compared to the Omnio which states up to 4000 mm/min this can be an indicator of general capability. The spindles are all likely to be the same.

    I was in a similar position looking at these type of machines but was persuaded against it by reading a lot on here and on cnczone as well.

    As far as I can tell the main issue with the Chinese machines is the enormously varying quality control and often poor electronics.
    Beware if they call it an engraving machine as it means they are not expecting you to use big cutters or fast speed.

    This machine is probably Chinese but likely has better quality control as its a "Known" brand in woodworking machines and sold by Scott and Sargeant https://www.scosarg.com/itech-k6090t...top-cnc-router Note the weight of this in comparison to some others, I know its a bigger cut area but weight can be an indicator too.

    If its still for sale I would consider this https://www.zappautomation.co.uk/100...ng-router.html It is similar money to the Kompas f 600 and does not include the electronic bits. But it will likely be a far superior machine and is a bargain. (note, I have no association with them and just spotted this whilst browsing replacement bearings on their site).

    Don`t be too worried about your lack of building and electronics skills, there are many helpful people on this site and others who have done it all before. They have answered many of my dumb questions.

    Did you start a new member intro thread? What will you be cutting?

    Good luck

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