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    I have a DeWalt 625 Router (2000W variable speed). The Collet Nut thread portion of the spindle is shot.

    Just wondering if it would make a good motor for a DIY Milling Spindle? Maybe convert (bodge) it to drive a belt?
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    My only reservation would be the noise. Have you checked I thought you could get a spare spindle for the 625, although not sure as to how you change it!


    Whoops at a price, new armature
    look for a duff one on fleabay!
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  3. 77 for a new armature, 230 for a new router... seems reasonable to me...

    peter - edited your post as the url you gave was to some dodgy fileshare site....

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    lmao, tut tut peter!

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    not sure where the dodgy site came from but the miles site is still showing on my visited sites very strange as I only cut and pasted the site address.

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    Ring the Dewalt factory outlet shop at Spennymoor Co Durham and ask their advice on spare parts.

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