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    Hi All,
    I'm John, I came across your site searching for info on mini mills - just in time to bag a Clarke CMD10 being sold by Keith, and very nice it is too.
    All I've got to do now, is kit it out with a chuck set.

    Can anyone recommend a collet & chuck set that won't break the bank, (UK) and works well on these machines?
    ER32 kits appear to be the most versatile and the best deals, but there appear to be other chucking systems such as Pozi-lock etc.
    Is one type preferable to another?
    The jacobs type chuck is way tooo scary for the work I'll be doing, which will be mostly clock and watch making and restoration.

    Also, has anyone used a small dividing head or rotary table on this type machine?

    Many thanks,


  2. Welcome John.

    I'd go with the ER32 kit, although direct collets in the spindle also have their place.
    I was going to suggest you wander over to RDGTools and have a look, but just realised your E. Yorks... about as far east as you can go without gettng wet... and they're almost the other end!

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    Many thanks for the welcome,
    Must admit it took a while of googling around to find out what all the different 'ER' numbers meant and what was needed, and found the ER32 set goes from 1.5, to 20mm so a good range.
    RDG are selling a boxed set on ePray for a shade over a hundred quid delivered!
    Includes the 2MT chuck, 18 collets and 'C' spanner, seems to be the best bang for buck.
    The beauty of these collets, is there's a 1mm leeway on each collet, so cutting tools don't have to be spot on size.

    You're right about location, we've only about a 500 yard walk to get our feet wet, and as there's damn all in the way of shopping facilities here anyway, the only wandering I generally do for esoteric stuff like this is via a pc keyboard.


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    Shop at their site,not ebay and you will get the same deal plus a 5% discount on your next purchase...not much I know but if you were to buy via ebay you will not get this discount.

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    Thanks for the tip about RDG's site, yup same deal, but I couldn't find any mention of the 5% 'next purchase' discount.
    Do you know if it's offered as a voucher code with the goods/invoice? or have they done away with it?

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    Thanks for the tip about RDG's site, yup same deal, but I couldn't find any mention of the 5% 'next purchase' discount.
    Do you know if it's offered as a voucher code with the goods/invoice? or have they done away with it?
    You get it with your delivery for the "next purchase", 100 seems resonable, I think I payed 80 ish from china last year.

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    As Ross said,you get it with the delivered order purchase.

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    Many thanks, now to liberate a few moths ............

    I did check out a Chinese supplier, and although there was a bit of a saving, a 'suggested' 3 week delivery time and the potential for grief if stuff went missing in transit, decided to rule them out.

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    I'd take into consideration of buying individual collets and chuck because to be quite honest the chances of using all collets in a set are slim.

    Work it out before you let the moths out.

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    Thanks for the thought, I did consider individual collets and a separate chuck, but it made my head hurt just thinking about what I'd need and what I'd get away with.
    I bit the bullet in the end and measured a range of cutters and other stuff I've got - all sizes between 6mm and 13mm shanks, then I've my watch and clockmaking stuff which is way smaller than that across a broad range of sizes.
    It also filtered into my brain that the headstock spindle on my Myford 7 is MT2, so I'll be using the kit on that too as I've a lot of rod stock to play with.
    Ah well, off to exercise Google's servers some more .............

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