If you have a smartphone, there are speeds and feeds apps from all the big names there for free, such as Iscar, Mitsubishi, Sandvik etc. Check out the app store.

If you use Fusion, you can enter stuff like the surface speed and feed per tooth from the cutter manufacturer's site and it will do a lot of the calcs for you. You still need to experiment to see what your machine can do but unless you start with manufacturer's data you may not have a clue what the cutter can do or where it likes to work. Some of the modern cutters are pretty amazing when you use them with modern adaptive toolpaths.

I don't use CNC cock book myself. Bob Whorefields seems to be a bit of a knob and I've seen a fair bit of feedback suggesting that a lot of the numbers come out all wrong. If you have Fusion for free, there is no need anyway.

Admittedly this is for cutting metal and plastic, as I don't deal with The Brown Stuff myself.