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    Hello all. I am an engineer living in the wilds of Nottinghamshire. My day job is designing bits for gas turbines. Of an evening (when wife and offspring allow!) I like to achieve not a lot in my shed (the garage) at the bottom of the garden. In there I have a couple of lathes a manual mill, shaper, drills grinders and all the other dross attached to making things. I am nearing completion of a CNCd Centec mill amoungst other things.

    Hopefully post some pics when I work out how.

  2. Hi Andrew and welcome to the site. Sounds like you have a bit more room in your garage than I do in mine! I almost bought Centec but didnt really have the room for it...

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    Welcome Andrew, I have a shed like that !!
    John S -

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    Sounds like an equiped shed is standard kit in Notts

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