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    Hi guys just had my gearbox go my mill got no hi / low was working then made some
    funny sounds then it stoped thought it would be the nylon gear on top but no thats in mint condition lol

    going to strip it down tomorrow to see whats going on it a Xj9512 mill china thing i think lol
    basicley a variants of the X2

    looking for a belt drive convertion at a cheep cheep price broke lol
    would make it my self but dont have a lathe to make pulleys

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    Found RGDTools cheap for pullys....

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    The pulleys have to be specific sizes and bores to fit the machine, stock pulleys won't fit and the guy doesn't have a lathe............................................. .......
    John S -

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    There are different bore sizes on almost all the pullys in RGD site ie same size pully but with different bores.

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    Oh wow,just had a look at that X2mill parts list and they're using the same head stock as used on the C2and C3 MiniLathe. lol

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    Yup same lathe you have.

    Right he needs two 2 step pulleys one bored 9mm and one bored 1.180" and keywayed, remember, no lathe............
    John S -

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    Don't one of the pullys fit on the spindle?

    Spindle size here......


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    Yes 1.180" x 25.4 is equal to 30mm, the original kit was designed in the states hence the imperial measurement.

    Here's a picture of the main pulley, so you'll see it's not an off the shelf item.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	!B3owyzwCWk~$(KGrHqYOKiQE)9V6OInpBMm7z9KVN!~~_12.JPG 
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    John S -

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    I guess it'll be cheaper for himto stripthe machine down where he thinks the suspect poblem is? and replace the offending component.

    Arceurotrade do spares for the X2 mill.....


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    Scott,if you're going to strip it down? suggest you strip it down in sections? and over a deepish tray to catch any unsuspecting ball bearings,springs,ect ect as I found out on my lathe a spring holding a ball bearing in place went the other side of the room(needle in a haystack senario) took me ages to locate where it went and her indoors thought I'd flipped because I was brushing up. lol

    Incidently this spring and ball bearing was in the headstock housing that put a bit of stiffness to the Hi-Low gear lever.

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