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    Hi Everyone.

    I've been looking around for an enclosure for my drivers/PSUs etc. I'd looked at all the electrical stores and the prices were outrageous. I thin thought "what about a tower/server case?".

    Found this on ebay

    Made an offer of 17 quid and it was accepted (33 quid inc delivery)!

    The quality is amazing as you would expect with a Sun Micro case, it is a tool-less design, ie you can get inside quickly. It comes with a serious PSU but that is probably just junk to us but the REALLY NICE THING is it comes with 3 120mm 12v fans in a removable rack which blow straight onto your electronics, they are worth the purchase price alone. There is tons of space inside. I have two MCP PSU's, three Drives and my Breakout board and Smoothstepper inside and there is still bags of space.In fact I have drilled mounts on my backboard for a 4th axis :D

    If you are looking for an enclosure, give this one a serious look.

    Delivery was fast too, only two days from paying to it arriving here.
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    Nice find, ill be posting somthing like this to tonight, keep an eye out for it in the Lecy section of the forums !

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