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    At work my toolset is VS2005 and the kernel debugger :geek: Apparently these are absolutely rubbish when it comes to woodworking.

    So at home I've got a small handheld jigsaw, sander, dremel (did I mention I *love* it??!), hand drill and a few other bits n bobs.

    As for non-electricals I have a small try-square, a long metal ruler, a collection of screwdrivers, chisels, hammers and all the other clart you'd expect a part-time-DIYer to have.

    I'm lusting after a router table at the moment, but I honestly don't know if I'd ever use it more than a couple of times a year, if that. For a job such as putting together a Rockcliff, do you think nipping down to HSS and renting either a table saw or router table would be worthwhile?

    Another thing that I think might get some use would be a drill press. How does the panel rate the stands that you get for your black'n'decker??

    I know that tools are only half the equation and I opted out of O level woodwork, so any tips on the 'software' side of things? Sites to visit that'll gen me up on things like making good 90degree corners, etc??



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    Quote Originally Posted by SirMorris
    For a job such as putting together a Rockcliff, do you think nipping down to HSS and renting either a table saw or router table would be worthwhile?
    Why dont you do what i did and get yourself down to B'n'Q, they are doing a hand held router for 19.99 or a 24.99 that comes with 12 cuting bits. You'v seen the cuts on my build so far all i do is clamp a guide fence along the line i wanna cut and off i go with the router.

    I'v also got a table saw, gota say thats one key tool to have as i was finding it tricky making all the cuts with just the hand held router as i didnt have a big work space i could cut the sheets of MDF on. For repeated cuts like you get on the rockcliff machine i.e rod support plates i myself want them all to be accurately cut and looking how they should when its all done up, filled, sealed and painted. If you get yourself a good quality blade, keep everything looked after you should be fine.

    I'm gonna be using the table saw time and time again and the hand held router, so it was worth me buying them but for the prices above and the table saw only costing 49 folds from Argos you cant really moan.

    Especially when you know what your making will make that money back soon enuff, i'v also got a Bench top Fretsaw (by record power, 100) again as i make everything by hand i need this like air right now, this is part of why i'm making the router table so i can automate alot of my work and speed production up.

    I need these tools but there gonna make me money back and pay for the cost to build the Rockcliff machine, once the machine is built some tools i wont need but you never no.

    This is a hobby for you so, live with-in your means, do what you can afford.

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    Picked this uptoday in BnQ 10

    See pic:

  4. Have to agree with you B&Q make some decent affordable stuff and provided you don't flog the stuff to death and take things easy they will last a very long time, after all my golden rule is the tool is as good as the operator and using quality router bits and blades make "ALL" the difference. I have router bits that cost more than my router!!!!!!!!!!!!! but damn do they cut nicely CMT are my favourite brand but again when cost is an issue get the best you can afford for want you want to pay hope this helps 8-)

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    i couldn't agree more with you kam, ill take a look at these CMT bits.

    Have you got a website link for them ?

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    Ok thanks for the link i'v had a look but they dont seem to sell anything small enuff for what i'm looking to do, i'm talking with john s on another post he seems to be point me in the right direction thanks again.

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    Good tips - thanks!

    I bought a router in the end - fun fun fun :D All I need now is endless excuses to use it ;)

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