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    There was no problem with the Drivers or the Motors. The problems were first in the fact that my parallel port was not outputting 5V DC. Once I resolved that using the USB power then it was a case of the laptop misbehaving. Now I have everything running fine on a laptop without needed to tweak it in any way at all.

    I have the drivers set to 10 microsteps and that made tuning calculations on my Metric machine very easy. Now I have the machine set to run at the highest Velocity possible and things are still running absolutely fine. I know I could use the SmoothStepper and get even more speed but I consider that unnecessary for my applicable and so would rather sell the SmoothStepper off Brand new.

  2. What PC are you driving it with? is it your normal desktop machine or one dedicated to running mach3 or simular.
    I had a simular problem where nomatter how i connected the motor i could not stop it jumping around, it turnd out to be somthing with the isa paralell port in that the pulses were not all of the same time and thus made the motor jump in all directions.
    I have lernt never to test stepper motors with a random machine running Mach3.

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