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    Anyone else here using a CNC Fusion kit? I've had alignment issues with the Z axis in particular.

    Is it right that the entire weight of the Z axis is taken by the collar supplied in your kit?

    Also why is there so little space made around the LoveJoys? The Orange sticker peeled out on a couple - just shows how close they are to the walls.
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    Hi, I'm converting the same machine and using the same motors (running bipolar parallel at 4.2A) and drivers as you are. The only exception is that I have milled nema mounts manually.

    You're right about the collar, but there's little chance of anything going wrong with both collar and coupler locked up nice and tight. I'm only using one locking screw on my Z and it's fine.

    I noticed your other post on your driver/motor issues and I'd be glad to post my settings and steps,timings and dip switch postions if you still need a rough guide to get them running better. I just completed all 3 axis last night and they're running fairly smoothly, although this machine needs constant tweaking to keep it running sweet, or so I'm told!

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    you're a saviour, yes please post all your settings for Step, Velocity, Acc, Pulse and Dir Width etc. Also what DIP settings have you used.

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    Just noticed your post. At work at the moment, but when I get home at 7pm I'll tear my controller case to bits and check and post everything you need to know. How's the conversion coming along?

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    Just rebuilt another laptop with Win XP SP3. this one has an inbuilt parallel port and the Driver Test now gives me a nice almost distrubance free line. Today I'll try moving the X axis but am really keen to see what settings you are using. Can you please confirm what all you are using in your conversion.

    Mine is a Super X1 (short X table). CNC fusion kit, 1.8Nm Motors and MSD542 from MCP.
    Power Supply is a 40V 10A one and I'm using a Dell D800 laptop.

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    I'm using the same motors, 28081b's I think. Same drivers. At the moment , running in mach 3 motor config at 1000 step per for the x and y axis at 600mm/min and acc of 200. The microstep timing is 2us for all motors. The other settings on the dip switches, I can't recall off-hand, but I'll let you know tonight when I get home.

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    What is your Step Pulse and Step Dir set as? and what computer are you using to drive these? Can you please send me your Mach3 configuration XML file so I can see what all you are using.

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    Just sent you the file, eventually figured out where it was. I'm running an AMD 2.2ghz dual core on socket 939 platform and I'm running it through the basic BOB supplied by MCP. My frequency is set at 25000 and it works nicely on that. The driver test shows that it's happy.

    Please let me know how you get on!

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    You'll notice that the step pulse/ dir pulse is 1 in motor tuning. I've tried everything from 1-5 and they all work, so I'm not sure if there's a sweet-pot, but I tend to use 1 or 2. As far as I know some drivers are less fussy than others when it comes to these timings and changing them has had no visible effect on my motors.

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    Thanks Pete, I'll look at the differences between what you sent me and my settings in detail tomorrow.

    However I have GOOD news to report, my motors are now spinning very well. I used the USB to supply 5V to the drivers and everything suddenly started to work.
    Thanks a lot guys.

    Oh in the meanwhile I also rebuilt my laptop and then reconfigured things using these instructions here and everything works quite well. http://pminmo.com/PMinMOwiki/index.php5?title=Laptops

    I have now an issues where if I jog the axis suddenly at no certain point the motors will stall but if I release the key and jog again it continues just fine. Jogging slower the motors stick less often but still stick about once per end to end travel. How do I resolve that issue.

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