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    What is the minimum CPU/MEM for a system if you want to cut 3D multi layer objects? My home Mach3 shows the layers when i simulate a run (Athlon x2 4000 (i think) with 4 gig DDR2 but when i try same tap file on the workshop pc same version of Mach3 but pc spec is Athlon socket 7 1 gig DDR ram, i only see one layer and it stops after the first layer is cut? is there a min spec for PC`s and cutting 3D :confused:

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    Are you using a licensed version ?


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    Of course, both same software

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    Yes but are you using it in demo mode as that has a gcode line limit.

    Your spec should be good enough.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gorbo View Post
    Of course, both same software
    Just to clarify...
    If you installed the demo version on both PCs (or your licenced version didn't install properly) then it would not limit the lines on the home PC since either it doesn't have a parallel port or you didn't install the parallel port drivers. The 500 line limit is only imposed if mach3 is sending signals to the port.
    That could explain what's happening. Check to see how many lines of the code it it loading? Or press the start button and see if it gets stuck at 500.

    The computer I'm using for CNC is an AMD 1.4ghz, with 1gb (might be less) of RAM. Never had a problem loading over 100000 lines, though I can't use more than 25khz kernel speed.

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    Thanks guys interesting thoughts I will keep you posted on developments

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