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  1. While I'm on a drive by ... a few pics of my last project. It's a grasshopper escapement based clock made from marine ply (gears), Oak (frame) with a few bits of various exotic veneers for highlights/inlay. CAD/CAM was in VCarve Pro and the parts were cut on a Heiz T1000.

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    Hi the clock looks really nice, well done.

    I just wondered if you followed a set of plans to make/build this or is it all your own work and would you be willing to share the drawings if so.


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    Even the springs on the grasshopper escapment are wood. Well done.


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    I just found some more info on this from Pcstru on the Vectric forum:

    What was the smallest diameter bit that you used?
    1.5mm dia for the gears and the escapement. The hour hand train is quite fine pitch and needed a small bit but the main train could have been done with 3mm.
    Thanks. Yes it's my own design although I'm indebted to jltrent of the beall tool clockforum who produced a software tool which calculates the geometry for the grasshopper escapement and gear profiles available here.

    The plans are just laid out in vcarve pro, there is no detail on assembly or any of the other nice things you should get with bought plans, so at the moment I don't anticipate selling them although I may tidy them up a bit and open source them. Given a CNC machine, clocks aren't difficult to make. David Atkinson has some good plans for sale at http://www.woodentimes.com/. They come with detailed assembly instructions and the components laid out in DXF format - easy to import into Vcarve pro. If you fancy building a clock, that would be a good place to start. The 'god' of wooden clocks is probably a chap called Clayton Bower. He sells a large number of plans on his site http://www.lisaboyer.com/Claytonsite/Claytonsite1.htm. I'm not sure if they come as DXF files though.

  5. Lee, sorry for the long delay. I've moved house and been exceptionally busy with dull and uninteresting things!

    No plans are available ... yet. The drawings were all done in vcarve pro and intended for my own use - so are a bit messy! When I find a bit of time I'll tidy them up and release them.

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