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    Evening gents,

    i have just bopught a Leadwell MCV 610 vmc 1988 model using a fanuc OM control, and i have not got a clue how to make it move,

    things i need to help ther job along.

    i need the software that allows uploading of programs for laptop

    manuals hard copy of download

    someone to come along and show me,lol

    i have wired it up and turned it on , at first the screen showed xyz posititons, but now it shows error codes 416, 426 and 436, any ideas men

    as usual help greatfully received, and if this is in the wrong section please move accordingly

    regards carl

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    Its been a very long time since I worked on a Fanuc controller. It sounds like you have encoder problems. I would doubt that all encoders have failed at the same time unless your power supply has blown them up. Have a look at the power supply and check the voltage is within the required parameters for your machine. With most controllers the +5volts needs to be a good solid supply normally around 5.1 volts and shoudnt drop. Also could be a fault with the encoder feedback pcb or maybe the machine settings have been corrupted. Unfortunately I cant tell you how to check them.



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    Just sharing to you, if you wanna learn about cnc fanuc troubleshoot, hopefully could be useful

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