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    This is just over a year old.

    Has been used just a few times a week since new and is in excellent condition - as new.

    This comes complete with very large vacuum pump & very large extractor also all pipe work and wiring etc....

    The only thing you need is the software as you need a licence for it, I have spoken to Axyz and you can get it for 1000

    This machine has high gantry clearance.

    This is only for sale due to company no longer trading and is in perfect working order.

    Any questions we will answer if we can but Axyz have been very helpful and will answer any technical questions.

    You need to arrange your own collection but this end it is ready to go and can be lifted onto a flat bed, weight shown on machine in 1600kg

    If you require pictures please send me your email address.

    Any questions email: [email protected] or tel: 07904 094981
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