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    Hi all, i recently purchased a 2nd hand warco minor mill/drill and i am intersted in converting it to cnc. The mill is approx 15 yrs old and in quite good condition. Pillar benchtop style.

    Does anyone have any info/tutorials on how to do it and an exact list of compnents?

    I have been offered some motors, mach 3 software disc and some bits and pieces for 50.

    any advice would be greatly recieved, Cheers.

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    I did the Warco Major, there's a build log somewhere.

    There is no specific way to do it, you pays your money and takes your choice.

    I'd strongly suggest a 2 stage operation, first cnc it crudely so you have a cnc mill to cut the parts. Then do the pukka job when you know which bits are the problem areas.

    The first common mistake is to buy a ball screw the same length as the X axis and then discover that with a motor on the end you have severely limited the travel :whistling:

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