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    Hi all,

    so i managed to swap the Boxford Lathe for the Sherline 2000 Mill.

    After doing some tests with it, im happy with the results so far.

    I spent about 7 days working out the best feed rate for certain tooling i bought.

    I will get some pics up very soon but for now, does anybody else have one of these mills and what's there experience with them



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    So ive been doing some machining today and for some reason when i did a 15mm deep pocket at a 0.2 DOC at 400 Feed with spindle at max 2800 RPM.. the circle i wanted to pocket isnt a circle at all. its more ov an oval and it seems the top and bottom of the circle is off...

    Think this may be caused by a inapropriate amount of backlash. im going to take the motors off tomorrow and see what if any couplers are on it


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    so ive manged to backlash compensate on Mach 3 for now..

    but ive come across another hinderance

    i move 5mm.... it moves 5.1mm so on and so forth!

    what could this be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cooliced View Post
    i move 5mm.... it moves 5.1mm so on and so forth!

    what could this be?
    If you move 10mm does it move 10.2mm? If so the value entered for the steps/mm is incorrect - so check that.
    What values did you enter for the backlash compensation?

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    i will check on the steps/mm

    these are my compensation settings

    y = 0.300
    x = 0.100
    z = 0.160

    Totally unacceptable but there are not anti-backlash couplers on the axis yet... why in gods earth would you not use these

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    Hi. Don't have a mill but have a Sherline lathe. Expensive but a very awsome and capable bit of kit and have turned SS and cast iron with ease. The 3 jaw chuck is only about a 1/4 thou out and now 10 years use. Being made in the US they are imperial, check the lead screws, they do metric versions but imperial is most common which would go a way to explain 5.1 (5.08) if the conversion is 2.5mm per 1/10th inch instead of 2.54 (just an idea?). Anyway, definately the best small lathe money can buy.
    stuck, have you asked them? I have found their team obliging and helpful gentlemen.
    Sherline lathe, Chester DB11V lathe, Myford/ Rodney mill, CNC mill Isel/ home made, Sealy Hack Saw, Meddings Pillar drill.

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    yeah its a imperial mill converted to cnc.. i dont do imperial to be honest.

    Is there any settings in Mach 3 to do this?

    I absolutely love the mill but i need something bigger at some point...

    Thanks for the help

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    my motors are set to 320 steps per mm

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    If it is indeed 5TPI screws then you should set the motor steps per revolution to 314.9606:

    You say 320 step/mm and 5mm pitch, so 5*320=1600 step/rev. That implies your motors are set to 1/8 microstep... 5TPI is 25.4/5=5.08mm. So 1600/5.08=314.96... step/mm.

    Try that and measure it over a greater distance. What are you using to measure the travel?

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    0-25 mm Digital Dial Indicator DTI 0.01mm Large LCD

    simular to that but from inline

    thanks i will try that.

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