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    You can have my code and welcome to it but if you improve it and make lots of money I get a free copy

    I got this weird idea that I wanted to read in dxf files and cut them.

    I didn't want to faff about so it would also read in a txt file defining the missing parameters, tools, cut depths, feeds and such.

    When you ran it, it opened the previous dxf and txt files, produced a cut, displayed it, then let you select new dxf and txt files.

    When I wanted to cut it searched for a milling machine, let me set the tool and then cut it.

    Simples. In a nightmarish sort of way. It's written in Visual Studio C# and I can almost guarantee it is not what you want

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    Well its not VB but I made this little javascript html page years ago, its not particularly usefull for anything it was just something todo, someone might have a use for it I suppose. It will attempt to find the fastest route between tiles in a very basic way but it's only really any good for square or rectangle parts.

    Download and rename .html
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    Since uploading that I thought I better make it abit better, so here is V2 with added alternate mode which is probably the best mode.

    Rename file as .html and open in web browser.
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