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    Hi everyone. I have sourced and cut various makes of MDF now and i am having the same problem with all of them, and that is the edges are furring quite badly. Is there a type of MDF i can use that leaves nice crisp edges? I need to stock 4, 6, 9, 12 and 18mm. I am aware that spindle speeds etc can cause the furring but have also tried slowing right down and speeding up to try and get round this...but no joy. I have used a straigh twin flute bit and a single flute upward spiral but am getting the same results. I am fairly new to CNC and everthing i do is a bit trial and error but need to get this sorted. Can anyone help me?....please? :) Sean

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    Is it because you are using damp MDF?


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    What speeds & feeds DOC are you using or have used.?

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    Try MR MDF

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrWiz73 View Post
    have also tried slowing right down and speeding up to try and get round this
    Erm, if I'm interpreting what appears to be an oxymoron correctly you tried increasing the spindle speed and reducing the feed rate, or vice versa? For MDF you want quite a high chipload, so a relatively low spindle speed with a high feerate. The swarf should look like chips not dust. If it's dust the cutter will not last long at all.

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