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    Hi..After a number of years working for a company which went into liquidation last year...

    We have decided to set up our own business...

    We recently purchased a SCM 95 tech CNC machining Centre after installing CNC we found out it needs a program called Spai Genio to make the machine operate effeciently...

    As a small business we cant really afford this program so if anyone can help us in anyway in finding or links to get this software would be greatfully apppreciated...

    Thanks in advance Mike

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    Are you looking for free?
    why not just go to their download section of their site?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2e0poz View Post
    Are you looking for free?
    why not just go to their download section of their site?
    I was told it was goin to cost me 2 &1/2k to get it from there site. Cant really afford that at moment...

    so if i can get a used copy for a decent price!

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    Return the machine to the seller if it's missing the software
    John S -

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    As John says or go for something a little bit more simpler in life. CamBam or similar will get you going?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2e0poz View Post
    As John says or go for something a little bit more simpler in life. CamBam or similar will get you going?
    The Spai genio is so expensive because it's parametric software, I'm not sure if it's full Cam parametric in that it changes the G-code when 3D model is changed.? Given the low price I suspect not and would expect if Cam was Parametric they would be making a BIG mention about it.!

    Other than being more effecient regards changes made to CAD model which will slightly speed up the work process the Cam side will still need to be reprogramed to update any G-code for the same part.
    I don't think it will make the machine work much more effeciently than any other Cad/Cam software that use's a good post processor built for the machine.

    If I was spending a few grand on software and needed parametric I'm pritty sure I wouldn't buy this software and would look to something like Alibra.!

    If taking the cheap route then without knowing your exact needs but suspecting it's mainly profile and relief work because of the Scm95 then I'd look to the Delcam or vectric software rather than Cambam.! . . . . Nothing wrong with Cambam but the others offer better features more suited to routing work IMO.
    Delcams Artcam express is great for 99 and can be upgraded as needed or upgrade to the more advanced Insignia or ArtcamPro.
    Same with Vectric software start with v-carvepro then migrate to Aspire. I think both Delcam and vectric deduct the price of initial software if you upgrade.?

    STAY AWAY FROM BOBCAD.!!!. . . . Don't even download the free trail they will hound your lifeout.
    I've got it and know it very very well and for me it works fine for 60% of my needs but it's pritty rubbish when it comes to routing relief work or 3D plus its very strange in how it works and very very un-intuative. The Vectric/Delcam softwares are far better suited and cheaper.

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    CamBam was just an example (even though i use it myself). Saying that, I chose it over the others because of it's features that cover what most of those you mention. Not sure when the last time you took a look at but it has come on leaps and bounds, It's a good all rounder not just piece meal. Unfortunatly in this case here you only get what you pay for and if the software he requires is so expensive i doubt any licenses would be transferable from a secondhand point of view?
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    2e0poz please don't think I was trying to discredit Cambam or your suggestion thats wasn't my intention.!

    Your right it's been a while since I've given CB any real attention, thou I did have a good long talk and quick look with the guy who builds it(forgot his name) at show recently but more my point was that high dollar software or parametric software won't really make the machine more efficeint and there are other softwares that will work just as good for a lot less.

    Thou I still think Delcam/vectric software will be more suited if the guy intends doing detailed relief work or 3D. I do know that Cambam can't touch these for 3D or detailed reliefs when it comes to toolpath options and efficiency. It's also a still a bit flaky/buggy regards 3D(That came from the guy himself not me) but after speaking with him I'm sure it will get there.!
    The other consideration when running a business is the software stabilty and support when problems arise, esp when it comes to custom post processors, both Delcam & vectric are very good at this.
    Cambam by it's very nature of being run by a one man band can't possibly provide this level of support or even be expected too, while yes it has a good forum and following which you'll eventually get help with the problem you can't beat having direct support when the shit hits the fan.! . . . . unfortunatly it comes at a price.!!

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    thankyou for all your comments....

    Being a small company we very little knowledge in cnc (but an eagerness to learn)

    we have a cnc standing idol awaiting a program to get it up and running

    The guy who commissioned the machine said it was a good purchase and he sees no faults with it!

    He recommended the spai genio software but unfortunately we cannot afford that yet..

    but if we can get another program to get us going would be great...

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    Mike, sorry if I sounded negative over this but I read it as the software that actually runs the machine, the controller software and not design software.

    If it is the design software then as others have mentioned to range of Vectric offerings, VCarve Aspire etc are perhaps better suited to woodworking, again guessing here after reading SCM
    John S -

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