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    I have a small niggle with my newly built machine. The PC is built into the machine housing itself so it's a complete unit. When I press the PC on button the BOB is closing the spindle relay, making the spindle spin until I enter EMC2.

    Is there anyway that a PCI card can be configured so at not to send out a signal during the boot sequence? I thought about inverting the relay contacts & BOB output, but that would make the spindle start as soon as I plug the machine into the wall. I know I could rewire the spindle to take power from the seperately switched motor drives but i was wanting to keep each system individually fused.

    Many thanks,


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    Most decent BOB's have a charge pump circuit built into them to stop such as this happening by not letting any signals thru untill the control software sends 14khz signal taking control. Some BOB's will let you turn this feature off so could this be turned off.?
    What Bob is it.?

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    I know Mach uses a charge pump, does EMC ?
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    I know Mach uses a charge pump, does EMC ?
    Yes I believe it does John but could be wrong I'm Mach thru n thru but I'm pritty sure I've seen references to charge pump and EMC on CnCZone.

    2eOpoz now it's your turn to shine as Guru . . .Cmon Guru show your self. . .:lol:

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    I always wondered what a charge pump was.

    This is the BOB, though I don't see a reference to charge pump : http://www.slidesandballscrews.com/pdf/ZP5A-INT axis interface board manual.pdf

    I can give Gary a shout & see what he thinks.

    I just checked the online docs for EMC2 & it is configurable for a charge pump . Bet you it turns out the BOB isn't! :cry:

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    Just found out, no charge pump.

    Plan B then :naughty::naughty:.....

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    Various people sell just a small charge pump board as an add on.

    John S -

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    Cheers john,

    That looks like the best option!


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    Let me have a look round as i may still have some kicking about
    John S -

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    Thanks for that. I'll hold off then.

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