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  1. Hello Folks,

    I am listing what I have, what condition it is in and what new costs. Make me a reasonable offer and I will find out what postage to the person cost and get back to you. These are items that I am moving on from as the new machine uses a bit different set up and there for these are not required and need space in the shop (As the new machine is taking up pretty much the whole back corner by itself).

    I have the following for sale:

    1) DIYCNC System 4 set up and tested for dual X axis with 4 nema23 1.85 motors already wired in parallel with the 24V powers supply mounted in it already. New unassembled costs 421 plus postage. Also with this are 4 ext mod boards for running drivers from the board and independent power supply ( they price at 4 each) they are wired using shielded 4 strand wiring that I got from Jonathan and I have a bit more then a 1.5m extra that I will put in with this group.

    2) 3 of the older model DRV25PS driver boards also from Roy. If I remember correctly they cost 20 each when new.

    3) 2 Dumpster CNC 12x3 Trapezoidal anti-backlash nuts with the two bolt low profile flange (they where $21 each plus posting from the US)

    4) Lastly I have one of these from Zapp if anyone is interested http://www.zappautomation.co.uk/prod...roducts_id=436 The picture is in the page before for some reason and not on the page with the item. It comes with what is pictured.

    So anyone who is interested please either send me a pm or e-mail and will get back to you as quick as I can. Thanks for reading the ad and hope everyone is doing great.


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    Hi Michael

    can you tell me the specs of the diycnc machine (or point me in the right direction)

    Did check out a site called diy cnc router but there was just adverts, no info,

    Is the machine fully built?

    Edit: OK think i found the correct site. Thought that this was a complete machine but now realise that its all the control and drive components that make up a cnc machine.
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  3. Okay here is pictures and prices now that I have had time to get this done and figure out what things are going to be offered at. First is the System 4:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That is the box (only front drilling has been done and I can do the finish cutting of the back plate IF the buyer wants me to. It includes:

    1) The Case
    2) the kettle lead
    3) 24V power supply
    4) System 4 BOB with Both boards
    5) 3 x DRV30 and 1 x DRV30S driver cards
    6) 4 x Ext Modules for use with other drivers
    7) 3 x SY57STH76-3008B and 1 x SY57STH56-3008B
    8) ON/OFF Spindle relay card for the System 4 board
    9) Additional cable to wire the SY57STH56-3008B

    If bought from Roy would cost over 420 and you would need to do the build up on the box and the solder job for changing to dual (X & A work together) yourself. First one who wants for 275 (firm)plus postage gets it. It will be packaged carefully and sent by insured mail only (that way no risk to the buyer or myself if something gets damaged in transit. 2 weeks from today I will be posting it on ebay for a starting bid of 300.

    Next is:

    3 x DRV25PS Driver cards (2.5Amp max load) These are no longer made by Roy and where phased out to the DRV30 model. 30 + postage to the buyer who wants them, They would be great for a 3D printer set up or a small (A4) size CNC router set up. They did very good service on the Marchant Dice machine I had which had a 200 by 250 cutting area aprrox'. They also will be listed n ebay in fortnight with a stating bid of 35.

    The other items I will be updating shortly but have other work needing done.


    PS I have more pictures of the System 4 and what is included if anyone wants to see them.

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