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    I know Hank has the 9 axis mark 2 version of this board from Planet CNC, anyone else using it / tried it / thinking of trying it / got a view on the advantages or otherwise with this type of approach?

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    Apologies for reviving an old thread but did you get the 9 axis controller?

    Anyone got any experience with this controller and software?

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    I have just placed an order for a MKII 9 axis board.
    I let you know how I get on when it arrives.

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    Well after about 18 months of usage, I still think it's a great bit of software...very clean GUI, nicely thought our features & a dynamic responsive creator at the helm. My only criticism is that the documentation doesn't keep up with the new features, but a quick question on the forum always has a satisfactory outcome.

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    I have a interest in this system too, mainly because of the SDK (Software Developers Kit) it's just a pity the SDK hasn't been developed for the MK2 controllers as they could have made a very good base for developing other types of multi axis machines.

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    Apologies for reviving this old thread again but I have just jumped in and bought the Planet CNC MK3 9 Axis board. The SDK is now fully supported on the MK3 boards so it'll be great to have a play around with this controller/software. I'll be using it for a small Wire Bending machine project I have planned.

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    The controller arrived this afternoon, it's already connected up to 3 AM882 drives and working like a dream. I can see I'm going to have some fun with this.

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    Please post some video when you can. I have always been thinking about that controller and wondering why is not the most popular considering its price and software price.
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    I've only got it set-up on a test bed at the moment so the motors aren't actually driving anything mechanical. So far it seems to be a good controller using CNC-USB software.
    I've also written a simple Visual Basic program for controlling 3 Axis which works very well too. The SDK isn't very well documented so it's a case of playing and seeing what results I get type of software development!!!, all good fun though and the best way to learn really. Once I've got the VB app a little more polished I will post some details up and hopefully a video.
    The MK3 can be connected by USB or Ethernet, I've not tried the Ethernet yet but I will do over the coming days.

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    Does that do squaring of slaved axis?
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