Hey guys,

I've had a mix of 50v and 80v drivers in my machine and want to upgrade to all 80v as well as swap the regulated PSU's for an unregulated type.

Problem is there's a lot of drivers out there and I'm not sure which direction to go.

There's the digital drivers which seem to be the latest thing and one's like the leadshine AM882 seem to have a lot of benefits over the basic types I already have. Only thing putting me off is the total lack of opinions about them around the web. Then there's the Gecko's like the 213V but it seems to me that these are overpriced in the UK and the competition has caught up.

Are these digital DSP all singing and dancing drivers really as beneficial as the brochure would have us believe?

Oh and I was likely getting a couple of Leadshine SPS705 supplies to go with whatever I end up with.