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  1. Good day all.

    I am still having problems with my CNC router/mill from time to time.

    I tried running the computer with windows 7 & mach3, but I had no end of problems, see my post here: DPC spikes stalling stepper motors.

    I then wiped the system clean and installed windows xp home sp3, once again with mach3, I don't get the problems like I did with windows 7, but now and then I seem to lose a few steps or the motor stall.

    The stange thing is one day I can be using the CNC for hours on end and not a problem, and another day just misses a few steps, and another day I could have no end of problems.

    So before this computer go's flying out of a open or closed window, I tought it would be a good idea to try again with LinuxCNC.

    Today I have done a full wipe of the hard drive, installed Windows XP home SP3 and Mach3 again, then installed Ubuntu 10.04 & LinuxCNC via the liveCD.

    I now have a duel boot system. Windows and Linux.

    Now here is where my problem starts, I have always been a Windows user, and not done much with linux in the past, besides a few terminal commands.
    And as such I don't know how to fully setup LinuxCNC.

    I know that LinuxCNC can support multiple printer ports, I am just using two ports, Port1 is used just for the stepper drivers, and port2 is for the home/limit switches.

    I think I have eveything setup right regarding port1 for the stepper drivers, but I just don't have a clue how I go about setting up port2 for the home/limit switches.

    Can someone who has used LinuxCNC please advice me?

    Thanks for your time.

    Best Regards.
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    On the first page of the config wizard you can add more ports via its address, then in the next screen you can assign those pins to what ever you want :-)


    lspci -v

    in terminal to see if the card is showing up first (assuming it is a PCI you installed for the second)
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