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    hello all,
    im looking to get one of them ebay 3020 cnc`s but id like a bit of help with 1 or 2 things if someone can find the time to help
    1st thing is... im looking to start making some landing gear and some 2 axis camera mounts for my multirotors, now do you think the 3020 is upto the job ?

    2nd thing is... most of the landing gear and camera mounts ive seen are made from what looks like black glass fibre sheets is that the right
    name for this stuff ive tryed looking for it online and can not find much out, has anyone got any links to a uk site i can get this from.

    and if anyone has a 3020 and can add any input about the cnc good or bad be brill.

    thanks loads carl.

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    I have an CNC3040 and it is very good for the cost. It is quite slow, but pretty accurate, enough for nearly any hobby job.

    You will want to get a solid carbide cutter (end mill) to do any material harder than wood. I've cut 6mm aluminium panel on mine and although slow (6 passes @ 200mm / min) it did the job well. Carbon fibre is a hard material so don't push it, but I think it will manage with thin sheet.

    Have a look at this site - http://www.easycomposites.co.uk/

    You will also need a CAD and CAM program. CAD (like AutoCAD) draws the things you want to cut, and the CAM program lays down the actual cutter paths, cut depths and number of passes etc..

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    hi tenson
    thanks for the reply, i have a lot of stuff in vector format and i no how to use the vector program i have, is it a good way of going about cutting stuff if i make my stuff in my vector program then load it into vcarve to make the g-code then use mach3... or is it best to use autocad.

    and ive seen a youtube videos of a 3020 and they have done some mods to it like micro swch, and other stuff, when i get one will i have to do the same or can i just use it out the box

    thanks loads carl.

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    The only mod I made to mine is a dust extraction tube and a snubber to reduce EMI from the motor upsetting the keyboard on my computer. If the machine didn't sit so close it probably wouldn't be an issue.

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