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    I've decided to sell my PCNC1100 it's a series 1 but with Spindle Upgrade effectively making it Series 2.

    The mill will come as a complete package, with my control PC all configured with Mach 3 and will include my SprutCAM license for Versions 2007 and Version 7 which I paid to upgrade.

    It also has the Tormach TTS tool holding system with 2 ER20 collet holders and a TTS JT1 drill chuck, a set of ER20 collets.

    See the attached picture as I built my own stand (to the tormach design) which is also included, as is the integrated collant system.

    The mill has been only used for hobby purposes, in the picture you can see one of my steam engine cylinders being milled - I estimate it has around 1000 hours of running time, much of which was just drilling and when it has worked hard it was 90% on cast iron which is like a knife through butter.

    I'm happy to chuck in a day or 2 tuition, I was a complete novice when I bought the machine but it really is so easy anyone who is considering CNC should not be frightened - especially as the Tormach is such a complete package - see www.tormach.com

    Reason for sale - I've complete my 7 1/4 steam loco and can't see myself building anything for a while, but would buy another Tormach if I do.

    Pricewise I'm asking £4000 which is about half the cost of a new machine imported, sorry no offers, if it doesn't sell I'll hang on to it.

    I'm just south of Wincanton in Somerset - buyer collects


    Jon BanfieldClick image for larger version. 

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    Hi Jon. I'm currently negotiating with the Ministry of Finance (my missus) whether or not I can afford your machine. I'm a little confused about the £price you're asking tho', have I seen it on a Yahoo group for a differant price?

    IF I'm allowed to spend my own money, I might be able to pick it up next weekend 6/7 May, I have a Toyota Hilux pick up, Is that a folding crane I see tucked behind the Tormach? Will it lift & load it onto my truck bed? It'll only be me & you with regards to muscle power.

    If it's still for sale & she can overcome me spending MY money, then I'd like to make a final decision on Friday 4th May, please don't put anyone else off buying it, lots of things have to slot into place before I'll know if I want it.

    Do you have an email addy?

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    Hi Chas,

    Sorry you are just too late, I had a firm commitment a couple of days ago.



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