What should you consider when you think about the security of your home network? Understand the essentials.
Link: Home network security overview

Get started with a line of defense between your computer and those who might try to connect to it without your permission.
Link: Using Windows Firewall

Having a wireless network in your home is a great convenience for you, but you don't want it to be convenient for hackers. Learn the best practices for securing yours.
Link: How to secure your wireless home network with Windows XP

Set permissions so that people can share folders and files on your network.
How to set permissions for folders and files

Help to keep unauthorized people and software—such as hackers, viruses, and worms—from connecting to your computer.
Protect your network from viruses and malicious software

Make sure your computer always has the latest high-priority updates from Microsoft, including security updates that can help to protect it.
Keep your system up-to-date