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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre Germain View Post

    on the strength of your review, I've gotten a quote from Stepmores for pretty much the same machine (attached) for 1500$ US not including shipping. I think this is more than you paid (was your quote of some 866 pounds Sterling including delivery?). Can you comment?

    Hi mate.

    My machine was 880 yes, this was with Sea shipping (that only cost $15!) At the bottom of your quote it says 15 days delivery, Presumably yours includes air shipping (which I believe was another $350 or so but double check that one)

    I have just checked on google for exchange rates and 880 is about $1420 add conversion fees on top of that and $1500 sounds about right.


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    indeed. I got the quote for shipping by sea this morning; 115$. Surprising as many others ask 400$ or more (low balling their price and recuperating it in the shipping?). They also offered to extend the Z axis to 75mm (50$), a stainless steel sink/tub ($30). Are the latter worth it?

    The controller board looks like a TB6560 (without a cooling fan!) and from what I read they're not very capable for Nema 23 steppers. Is this what you have as well? are they 23s?

    Cheers & much thanks

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    Hi there.
    Sorry for the late reply.

    Stepmores seem quite honest in their prices, Not sure why $115 in shipping though as I was only charged $15!
    Speak to a gentlman called Eric (tell him I put you onto him please)
    The Steel sink/Tub if you haggle you can get for free, I did.

    The Z axis I would leave be, More travel = more flex and only get the 75mm IF YOU NEED IT.

    I think the weakest point of the machine is the Y rails, If you can afford the extra, upgrade to supported rails (ignore anything he pawns onto you, just get them)

    As for electronics, i am not too clued up on this sorry, I have no idea if they are 23's But I do know the Y axis motor is twice the size of the other 2?



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    Hi craigrobbo,I also ordered the router from Stepmores after reading your review and it's leaving China by sea soon.According to what I read online, there seems to be quite some work getting the router out of port. Did you use a customs broker? Can you describe what the customs clearance process is like?

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    Hi craig,

    thank you for your review of your stepmores cnc. Im in contact with eric about a 6040.
    Are you still happy with your machine?
    Do you have some pictures of the control box and did you had a look into it?
    Maybe you can tell me if there is a label on the stepper motors?

    Thank you for your help!
    Greetings from Austria

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    Hi there Phillipp/

    The control box I can get pictures for you later on they are of a high quality compared to others.

    I'v looked inside but only brief!

    The steppers are blank with no labels sorry.

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    Hi craig,

    great! thank you
    maybe you have also some pictures from inside the box? eric told me that they use leadshine M542 drivers, hopefully they are genuine :-)


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    No problem - I am not really comfortable opening it up too much, i only had to open it last time as my water tank shattered and I had to clean it.

    Please understand.

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    no problem, any picture from the outside will be good enough! only if its no problem for you


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    Hi, I was wondering how do you like the machine so far? any updates? would you recomend the paying the extra $ for this model?

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