When working with inside shapes that have a male mate it is necessary to relief the corner, sometimes...

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( top view of mate )

A good example of needing this relief would be a door manufacture. If you are cutting windows in your doors for a stain glass insert you would need a relief corner like the about example.

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Example of a sharp corner result

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Example of a bisect line corner result

How do you do this?

There are many options for creating this relief, drilling the corners, drawing a profile of what you want to cut, doing it manually....

How does does BobCAD-CAM do this?

BobCAD gives you options for your corner types.

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Using our internal bisect line corner type you can create this type of relief automatically.

Watch this video to learn more: Bisect Line Internal Corner - adepoalo's library

To learn about corner types or other BobCAD CAM features feel free to call me.