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    We're a West London based firm and need a bit of help with a recently purchases High_Z S-720 machine.
    We intend to use this machine for basic small projects including engraving. We specifically need assistance in setting up the machine, and going forward, help in drawing small projects.
    If you are London area based and think you could be please let me know.

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    Please email me at "atlasworxs AT gmail DOT com"

    I can certainly help with the drawing and programming side of things.



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    I can help if still needed I work west london and I have 3d cad and programming.
    Just pm me if still needed

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    Hi I also have this machine and I have a problem with the 4th axis rotary table. Can anyone help as I have contacted prototools but their agent does not have enough experience in 3D machining.

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    Hi, we are planning to buy same brand CNC machine, would it be possible to meet you in your London workshop to see how it works?


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    hi to all
    i want to buy it too in any combination with granitograv what's your
    experience?is it worth to buy it?

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